web hosting features


Get up to 12GB enterprise grade storage for your website. Industry leading vmWare virtualization. The latest and fastest Dell servers. By combining these key pieces of infrastructure, our private cloud offers the highest availability.


If your site is powered by a database – no problem, our current hosting solutions offer MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases at no additional charge.

Extensive Programming Language Support

From classic ASP to the latest .NET version, we have you covered including a control panel built on .NET that allows you to handle most server related site needs via the control panel.

We can also host a simple WordPress site to a large enterprise PHP application.

Hassle-Free FTP

Upload your website easily and seemlessly with our Control Panel or use an FTP client such as FileZilla or FTP Voyager.

99.999% UP-TIME

We have built full redundancy into our infrastructure which allows us to guarantee our up-time.


Optimum protection begins at our perimeter firewall, all the way through to onsite replication and offsite backups.


Please note all pricing in US dollars.